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Become an aWTeSoft Software Affiliate

We have a page called Member Quotes, if you are interested in what other members are saying about our services.

Get started selling our software in 4 steps

  1. Fill out the form on the 'sign up / join' page
  2. Wait for our confirmation email - it usually arrives in just a minute or two
    1. Click on the confirmation link on the email, or
    2. If the email doesn't have a clickable link in it, come back here and fill in the 'sign up / confirm' page
  3. Wait for the welcome email.  If your verification code is correct, it will arrive in just a minute or two
    1. This contains your password (if you provided a password when you signed up, you don't have to wait)
  4. Sign in, and get your promotional links, banners and splash pages and start promoting
    • It costs nothing to join and start selling software today
    • Straight 10% commission on all sales

Then, start promoting the links, banners and splash pages

  • Promote In :
    • Auto - Manual - Hover Surf Traffic Exchanges
    • Safe Lists, Internet Forums and Chat Rooms
    • Links and Banners on your Websites
    • Text Ad and Banner Exchanges
  •   Real Product - Real Earnings

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