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Website Pricing

Manual, Hover and Auto Surf Traffic Exchange - $200.00

Manual, Hover and Auto Surf Traffic, Banner Exchange - $250.00

Manual, Hover and Auto Surf Traffic, Banner, Text Ad Exchange - $300.00

Manual, Hover, Auto Surf Traffic, Banner, Mini Banner, Text Ad Exchange,  - $350.00

Modules can be installed at any time and work with aWTeSoft
and it is just adding a feature to an existing website with no complications.

So, you can launch a traffic exchange for $200.00 installed and then add Text Ads later for $50.00 and a Banner Exchange later for $50.00

Additional Modules Installed - as Low as $50.00 Each

Pre Made sites starting
at $250.00!

Modules Available

Automatic Surf - Contest MOD - $100.00
SOTD (Site of the Day) MOD - $40.00
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