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Software License / Hosting Agreement

Software Hosting Agreement

We do not have hosting available, all purchases must be paid in full for ownership, then site must be relocated to another server within 30 day!

If you have purchased software from aWTeSoft,

1. Your site license and your hosting are two different things. You may have paid for a site but that only includes the software license.

2. Your hosting is an ongoing expense that is set up on a monthly subscription with your Hosting. If you stop paying your hosting or your subscription does not clear, you will lose access to your hosting account.

3. You are responsible for keeping a back up of your website and database, we will not be held liable for loss of data if your site gets shut down for non payment of hosting.

4. If you buy a site from one of our sellers and do not pay hosting or become behind in hosting payments, your Site Will Be Shut Down Until Balance is Paid !

5. By purchasing a site license from aWTeSoft Websites you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

6. There are No refunds on Software or Hosting Purchases Period.

( If you intend to use cheap hosting then you are responsible for your own server setup, we do not work on your server for mail or ftp issues )

If a site is sold on terms and your obligations are not met, you shall forfeit all payments paid for such site, initially the site will be shut down for 1 week giving you time to meet your obligations.

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