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A Basic aWTeSoft 2.1 Software System $200.00

  All Professional aWTeSoft 2.1 Basic Installs Include All the Following Features : Price is Only $200.00 !
  •  Manual Surfing on it's Own Credit Track
  • Trivia System for Manual Surf Track
  • Auto Surfing on it's Own Credit Track
  • Hover Surfing on it's Own Credit Track
  • Paid Auto Surfing System
  • Paid Banner Clicking System
  • Credit Based Member to Member Messages
  • On Site Banner Advertising System
  • On Site Text Ad System
  • Surfing Contest System
  • Referral Page Contest System
  • Referral Page Hit Contest System
  • Trivia Contest System
  • Frequent Surfer Bonus
  • Complete Report System
  • Above Industry Anti Cheat System
  • Customizable Third Surf  Frame
  • Progressive Surfing Offer System
  • Optional Side Frame in Surf
  • Weekly Top Surfer Listings
  • All Time Surfers Listings
  • Built in Contact Form
  • Limitless Member Levels
  • Limitless Purchase Items
  • HTML or Text Newsletter
  • Automated Paypal Payments
  • Automates Alert Pay Pyments
  • Accept Other Payment Processors
  • Local Cash System
  • Paid Surfing Option
  • Prize Page System
  • Surf Boost System
  • Credit Exchange System
  • Set Downlines 10 Levels Deep
  • Surf Start Page System
  • Auto Migrate from Ventrino
  • Auto Migrate from LJ Scripts
  • Auto Migrate from Traffic DX
  • Auto Migrate from A1TX Pro
  • Credit Control Options
  • Hourly Draw Options
Administrative Features
  • Complete Content Management from Built In HTML Editor
  • Create any Look with complete CSS Control and Visualizer.
  • Generate Reports on Any Aspect of Site Operations
  • Free Patches, Upgrades, Live Support for Life
  • Hide your Site Function to Block Abusive Users
  • Send E-Mails to Surfed, Not Surfed, Unconfirmed, No Ads
  • Site Scanner System to Help you Check Sites for Malware
  • Complete Edge Control System - A Different Edge Anywhere
  • Complete On Site Text Blurb System with Multiple Uses
  • FAQ Section Completed but Fully Editable
  • Unlimited Amount of Promotional Splash Pages
  • Unlimited Amount of Promotional Banners
  • E-Mail Que System to Decrease Server Load
  • Add Your Own Pages to the System
  • Multiple Admin Accounts and Privilege Levels
  • Automatic Software Update System
  • Easy Complete Site Back Up System
  • Coupon System for Sales
  • One Time Log In Offer System
  • One Time Confirm Offer System
  • Comprehensive Cheat Checker System
  • Manual Purchase System
  • Manual Giveaway System
  • Built In HTML Ediitor for All Pages
  • Cross Site Log In for Multiple Site Owners
  • Surf Cron or Regular Server Cron
  • Checks Sites against a Blacklist We Built
  • Built In Site-Scanner Feature
  • Complete Coupon System
  • Lock Pages by Member Level

aWTeSoft 2.1 Software

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